Get tailor-made mascot and character designs  

Professional mascot design services

We can turn your ideas into tangible and lovable characters and mascots. Get the most of our custom character design services as we create characters that are memorable and flexible for different events and formats. We’ll make sure they have emotional appeal and win you greater attention.  

Custom mascot design is a greatly innovative process and takes high level of expertise to produce exceptional results. After a detailed brainstorming session, our creative team comes up with bright ideas to conceptualise different character designs according to the client’s requirements. 

We turn these concepts into creative sketches to provide multiple options to the client. Using the most innovative technologies, we then provide the best 2D and 3D character design services to transform artistic concepts into realistic characters for different interactive mediums. 

7G Media is well-known for its exceptionally talented and passionate designers and animators who can breathe life into various characters to make your brand more recognisable. Whether you require unique mascots that will serve as your brand ambassadors or fun, attention-grabbing characters for various purposes, we’ll customise something that’s perfect for your needs.