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New Employee

Gift Package

Conceptualised to welcome new employees to the space centre, the new employee gift package contains a note pad, employee handbook (originated in Arabic), a pen and a USB presented in a beautifully designed and crafted gift box.


The brief required an inspirational welcome package for new employees that reflected the values of the space centre, containing a newly created employee orientation handbook originated in Arabic, a notepad and other selected gifts. The package was to reflect quality and distinction in much the same way as the work and projects of the client, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. Ideas for additional gift box content should be formulated, with items that can help work preferred.


We began by conceiving the employee handbook in Arabic, which acts as an orientation manual for the centre, highlighting what is expected of each employee, and encouraging new staff to work together with their colleagues in the spirt of the union. The handbook is inspirational and meaningful, and forms part of the welcome package, which also features a branded USB, pen and notepad, presented in a box which we designed, and for which we devised an inspirational quote to inspire new starters.

MBRSCEmployee Gift PackageAdvertising

MBRSC New Employee Gift Pack

A beautiful starter pack created to welcome new employees into the establishment, conceptualised to inspire, motivate and make them feel comfortable.

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