Professional live streaming video production for every event

Get the best live streaming video services in UAE

The live video streaming boom is not winding down anytime soon. A professional live video streaming company combines emerging disruptive technologies with technical know to ensure that your events are broadcasted to a large number of people in real time through social media channels and web pages.

At 7G Media, we don’t just turn on the cameras and start live streaming an event. As an inherent part of the marketing plan, we create bespoke strategies that resonate with your company goals and engage the viewers. Our team of experienced photographers and videographers will arrive at the event well in advance, set up state-of-the-art broadcast equipment ready to roll before the event begins, and closely monitor the event. We are proficient at adapting to changes and being creative on the spot keeping in mind the dynamic and unpredictable nature of a live event. We will also have a Plan B ready to overcome any unprecedented challenges and ensure a smooth high-quality live stream throughout your event.

As an experienced live streaming video production company in Dubai, 7G Media covers concerts, business summits, trade and fashion shows, contests, internal meetings, and webinars, with bespoke strategies tailored to the specific goals of your company and the event.