Events Video Coverage that takes the hassle away

Get your events documented by the UAE’s best event coverage company

Events – virtual, physical or hybrid – are a great tool to build strong customer relationships and get in touch with your prospective clients. As your strategic event partner, 7G Media will offer state- of-the-art event coverage services that resonate the mood, purpose, and objectives of your event.

Covering events is not for a one-time benefit. Recording and sharing footages, and live video feeds help you analyse the success of the event, share with those who missed out, can be used for promotion activities, and utilised as training tools and resources for future references.

As a company offering professional events coverage services, we offer end-to-end benefits. From site visits, equipment setup and operation, audio/video mixing, video editing, to live streaming events – we have you covered. Our photographers and videographers are equipped with highly advanced video and audio recording equipment. Arriving well in advance at the venue, they plan efficient event coverage and ensure to capture all moments that matter.

Our professional event coverage services encompass diverse virtual, physical, and hybrid events from product launches, corporate parties, open houses and seminars to company meetings, conferences, and trade and award shows.