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With many years of experience in providing animated video services in Dubai, we’ve worked on all aspects of animated videos, from motion graphics to 3D and 2D videos, bringing characters to life and giving them expression. We then use them to bring home your key messaging in signature style. 

Our animation experts will bring creative ideas to life to tell your story and convey your message with a long-lasting impact. We offer exciting and dynamic animation services that incorporate character animation, vector graphics and kinetic typography to deliver your message. And technology is only half the story. We are an animated video production company in Dubai with highly skilled writers and animators who can expertly produce well-crafted narratives and visuals.

The creation of an animation video begins with in-depth research into the client’s business and the video’s objective. Then, we hold a brainstorming session with our writers and animators to decide on a concept. After the script is formulated, our creative team collaborates to craft a storyboard and bring it to life.

As an early adopter of the latest trends in animated video production, 7G Media has become a regional leader in offering video animation services in Dubai, creating top class videos for high profile clients.