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Since 2007, 7G Media has provided leading Translation Services in Dubai

7G Media has built a reputation for providing high quality English and Arabic Translation Services in Dubai that overcome communication barriers. We elevate translation into an art form. Our translation services cater to a wide range of cultures and industries and to various communication media. As one of the best translation company in Dubai, we have native-speaking translators with a deep understanding of different cultures to deliver best-in-class translation services specialising in correct contextual translation for over 60 languages. With more than 10 years’ experience as a translation agency in Dubai, we’re dedicated to providing professional translation services that not only address the brand’s needs, but also cater to multicultural market scenarios and diverse communication channels

Advertising Translation

We specialise in advertising translations that understand the target culture, the brand strategy and brand vision

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Financial Translation

Precision is an important asset when translating financial records for businesses into different languages

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Technical Translation

We translate technical documents and manuals, ensuring the translated content retains the same meaning as the original

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Website Content Translation

We localise websites, transforming them into powerful tools that deliver personal experiences to global audiences

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Social Media Content Translation

Our translations are geared towards social interaction, driving traffic to websites and building brand recognition.

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Subtitling and Video Script Translation

7G Media helps companies produce multilingual videos that help open brands up to new and potential markets.

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Press Release Translation

Creating multilingual content for PR events and press kits with accuracy and promptness – while the news is still news

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Business Translation

We ensure cross-cultural reach and effectively disseminate information with clients, vendors and employees

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