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As a provider of branding identity services in Dubai and Arabic branding services, 7G Media is acutely aware that every brand needs to have its own language. That language is comprised of the corporate identity design – such as brand logo, tone of voice, slogans and taglines, as well as visual elements such as graphics and photography. The way all those elements interact affect how customers perceive the brand. Developing a brand identity requires knowledge of the brand’s market and audience.

From names and taglines to logos, stationary and even mascots, 7G Media delivers strategically sound English and Arabic brand identities with a focus on context to enhance impact. With expertise in Arabic branding services, 7G Media has local experience in branding identity in Dubai stretching back more than a decade, and we helped to create some of the UAE’s most successful and well-known brands.

Branding Identity Design Services

Branding in the UAE is markedly different from branding in many other top destinations across the world, primarily because the country is one that fuses a cosmopolitan lifestyle that more than 200 nationalities enjoy, with a huge loyalty towards local historical traditions and customs. As such, finding the correct branding approach can be tricky. Whereas the large Western population might be ready for a more upfront and slightly risqué brand message, there are many more Asian residents that have very different mentalities, which means the messages this huge audience will be most receptive to are completely different.

A brand image for the local market

The most important consideration in terms of brand image, however, is the local consideration. The UAE is an open country in the context of the Middle East, but it is also steeped in traditional values. Cultural sensitivities must be central to the brand message. The branding landscape in the UAE is constantly progressing and evolving, but the need is there for an experienced and credible branding agency to guide, advise and formulate brand identity to gain maximum results without alienating any culture or audience.

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