The Tips to Effective Logo Design Services in Dubai

The design of a logo is one of two things; easy if you think it’s unimportant or difficult if you realize it is EVERYTHING.

Logo design is a multi-million dollar business, and for good reason. Just in case you were unsure, a logo is not just the first impression you get of a company. It is the overriding impression which remains with you forever.

Get it wrong and your company and its brand perception could be forever tarnished, but get the visual identity right and you are certainly able to start out on the road to success.

Stand Out

It’s the only distinguishable feature of your brand from your competitors. Yes, you may think you have the better product or service. But nobody is going to know that before they have seen your logo. Your logo has to be different and it has to be creative.


Following on from the previous point, you should research your colour preference. Every colour has a different meaning which works or is identified on a sub-conscious as well as conscious level. It is vital to pick the right colour in order for your logo to be perceived in the right way.

Know Your Audience

What does your customer expect from your product? How can you make your logo relatable to what you do, but also make it appealing to the masses? These are key factors to take into account when looking at logo design. Combining the need for these points to be satisfied, with the need for a diverse and stand-out logo will put you on the right track.

Words & Symbols

That’s what it’s all about. In the end you want to have a symbol which will be synonymous with your brand. Once this has been achieved, you know you are successful. Bear in mind that you could design the greatest logo in the world, one which puts Coca Cola or Nike to shame, but if your company name is boring, ridiculous or frankly inappropriate, you’ll never get to the stage where you can solely rely on symbol to be identified.

You have to exhibit patience with your logo. Not just with the design phase, but also when you are at the stage where you feel it should be getting recognition. Look at some of the biggest brands globally and you will see that their logo and their familiarity didn’t just happen overnight for them. One of the most recognizable magazines in the world, GQ, changed their logo so many times within the space of a few years that their magazine designer must have been dreading going into work each day. The change made no difference to the magazine’s modest circulation, but once they actually settled on a font and design for their logo, their brand was able to find international notoriety and they now have a brand which the majority of people will know.

Get Your Design

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