Finding the Best Media Translation Services in Dubai

Media is one of the most significant elements of globalisation today that allows easy access to all communities. And this is why accurate translation of media such as news, articles, and documentaries is a main concern for all businesses entering new markets.

A professional media translation services company must understand the media industry very well. TV shows, movies, radio programs, advertisements, interviews, and press releases all come under the wide category of media translation. The purpose of audio-visual content translation is to take the gist of certain content and translate it into another language while retaining the original meaning. The translation must go deeper than the spoken words to convey the visual story.

There are many accredited translation companies here in Dubai, but if you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable translation agency, then your best choice would be 7G Media for translation services in Dubai.

At 7G Media, we understand how important it is to have professional translators to work with, especially when you are dealing with different cultures. We offer the highest quality, accurate, professional translations to your media documents transforming them to commercial languages such as: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.

Our professional team of writers and translators at 7G Media are specialists, skilled, and familiar with delivering high quality audio-visual translations, documentaries, commercial films, movie subtitles, Arabic subtitling and dubbing services for TV advertisements.

Here are some of the areas where we offer our audio-video translation services:

• TV Translation
• Documentaries Translation
• Corporate Films Translation
• Radio Scripts Translation
• YouTube and other Videos
• Movie Subtitles Translation

In 7G Media – leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have a profound understanding of the business and industry standards to offer you the highest quality translation services for transcriptions, subtitles, dubbing and much more. We have a vast experience of working with top media groups as we understand the necessity for fast and accurate media translations. Dealing with international firms and daily newspapers, 7G Media serves the specific needs of this industry. We are also flexible when it comes to last minute changes and quick improvements on time-sensitive tasks.