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UAE Astronaut Programme

UAE Astronaut Programme

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UAE has started with its first-ever manned space mission with the ‘UAE Astronaut Programme’. 7G Media was hired for the social media management and marketing; the main objectives were to create awareness and motivate people to register for the Programme. The challenge was: for the awareness part, the target audience was the Arab countries, US and UK; while Emiratis had to be reached out to motivate them for applying.


A comprehensive strategy was put together to create awareness with inspirational stories, informational posts, animated videos, giffs and sharing live videos of the international space station. For informational posts about the selection criterion and eligibility of the programme, a combination of creative plus space footages were used to grab attention. Channels used were: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. More than 3000 applications were received in the first month. Parallel to social media, a comprehensive paid advertising campaign on Google Adwords was run, which significantly added to the overall result.

Social Media Strategy :
Awareness + Motivate to Apply

The overall social media strategy designed comprised of two main objectives: To create awareness and motivate Emiratis to apply for UAE Astronaut. From animated videos to animated posts, great graphics were put together to compliment the motivational, inspirational and informational messages. For each post, a clear call-to-action was added to ensure that most of the users are going to the website where they can fill in the application for UAE Astronaut.

Social media marketing
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More than 3000 applications Received + Buzz in the Influencers

The campaign managed to bring in more than 3000 applications in its first month of announcement. It also got the social media influencers talking about the programme and encouraging Emiratis to apply for it. This came as a result of the good content that was shared on the social media and also the specific campaign, which was implemented to reach out to the influencers – it all helped to spread the word!

YouTube Advertising Campaign :

Social media advertising was done on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; but ‘YouTube’ was used as the major platform. A video explaining the eligibility criterion for the programme along with a motivational feel was created, and it was advertised using in-stream and discovery ads to reach out to all the Emirati in UAE and the campaign recorded significant number of applicants signing up for the UAE Astronaut Programme.

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