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Esharat Magazine – Bilingual

Our research, content origination, Arabic translation and design of this insightful publication supports DESC’s commitment to a safe cyberspace.


It is important for the Dubai Electronic Security Center to keep the public informed about its projects and initiatives, along with news from the cybersecurity sector around the world, and also to enhance awareness and provide people with essential tips to keep their digital data safe.7G Media was tasked to research the cybersecurity space and streamline the table of content with the the pressing topics and shape up the magazine that would generate interest of the target audience.


7G Media’s creative editorial and design teams dig deep for each issue to uncover interesting and relevant stories about our fast-moving digitally driven world, from the cost of cybercrime to AI developments. Articles are thoroughly researched, expertly written, and professionally translated to ensure cultural relevance and well as simple language transfer. The pages are brought to life with original illustrations and captivating design, and 7G oversees the final high-quality print work, making this a turnkey publication service.

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ESHARAT - Dubai Electronic Security Center Magazine

Corporate magazine research, content origination, translation, design, illustration and magazine print management for Dubai Electronic Security Center

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