Latest Trends: Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai should Know

If there’s any audience that a social media marketer needs to understand, it’s Generation Z.

“What’s that?” you may ask.

Well, each generation has its own drives, habits and triggers, and Gen Z is the one that is driven, habituated and triggered most on social media, and all the top social media agency in Dubai focus on this generation to plan their social media marketing strategies.

But let’s step back a bit and look at X and Y before we get to Z.

Termed by David Copeland in his novel by the same name, “Generation X” is made up of the sons and daughters of the Baby Boomers, or the post-war generation. Born between 1966 to 1976, Gen Xers are sometimes called the “lost generation”. They’re often characterized as skeptical, sometimes selfish. From a marketing perspective, this generation loves labels and brand names and spends more than it has earned.

Generation Y, born between 1977 and 1999, came of age in the onset of computer technology. Sometimes referred to as Millennials, this generation had early on exposure to the speed and pace of the internet. So, generation Y is characterized by quickly changing tastes and a flexible approach to trends. From a marketing perspective, this generation doesn’t have the brand loyalty of Generation X, and they are less persuaded by brand names. Coming of age amidst digital technology means they tend to shop online, learn online, and engage online.

Generation Y might have grown up online, but Generation Z are the true digital mavericks. They are the social media generation. Sometimes referred to as “digital natives” most of this generation grew up with a smartphone, or are growing up with one now. Born after 1995, digital tech streams seamlessly into their lives. This is the most experimental generation. 3-D printing, driverless cars, and nano-computing will likely be second nature to them by the time they hit 30.

From a marketing perspective, predictions say this generation will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. Generation Z is a group of detached consumers who are engrossed in technology. Because they grew up on social media, they are savvy with it and spend a lot of time on apps where engagement between friends and brands is casual, ephemeral and mobile. There’s little differentiation between their social lives and their lives on social media.

Grow Your Social Media Occurrence the Precise Way

Knowing this customer base in and out can help your business grow. Since Gen Zs spend most of their time on social media, all the social media marketing agency and online marketers should be savvy on social and mobile and include multiple touch points to their campaigns. Gen Z prefers direct and “no-fluff” messaging with videos, pictures and stories. They tend not to fall for discounts in the ways their parents or grandparents might. Instead, they want authenticity and the feeling that companies and brands address them in friendly no-nonsense, non-gimmicky ways. Traditional selling doesn’t work for Generation Z. They’re tired of catch phrases like “one-time offer” or “flash-sale.” They may be persuaded but not by promotions. They’re turned on by values and strong messages.

To market to Generation Z, tech design needs to be top-notch. Companies that invest in technology savvy platforms and keep abreast of digital trends will navigate this generation’s needs more readily.

Generation Z doesn’t want to be labelled, but they do want to be entertained. Using video is one of the most powerful tools to engage consumers and clients of this age group. Most of them have smartphones, so all content in your campaign needs to adapt to mobile technology. Gen Z prefers their apps to their email. Their Snapchats over their Facebooks. Its Instagram instead of Gmail.

Generation Z knows they can look up just about anything online. They’re young, but they’re informed. Likewise, if they are doing business with you, they want transparency. These consumers respond well to a company’s message, but they want it with precision and customer experience.

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