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7g Media is one of the most trusted social media companies in Dubai

Content in English & Arabic

We have in-house social media experts who create content for each post and campaign ensuring that the right message is sent across

Design, Animation, Reels & Illustrations

From creating post design from scratch to illustrative characters, animated videos, and engaging reels, we do it all as an expert social media marketing agency

Podcasts, Virtual Events & Newsletters

From concepts to promotion, we manage your podcasts, virtual events, and newsletters (LinkedIn & Twitter) to give your social media marketing an extra edge

Influencer Marketing

Involving the known faces in your campaigns works effectively for the brand, only if done the right way and we, as one of the best social media marketing agency, ensure that!

Targeted Advertising

Getting maximum benefits out of your budget is done through highly targeted advertising and a social media marketing agency like us does it for you

Monthly Reporting

Every effort made should translate into achieving the set KPIs and we continuously analyse it and share with you through our monthly reports

Result-oriented Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Our Social Media Marketing Projects

We’re a social media marketing company that believes in meeting the set KPIs


With 4.62 billion users till January 2022, social media has become an inevitable marketing tool in today’s world leading brands and businesses directly to their users. Millions of businesses across the globe are increasing their customer base by solely advertising on social media platforms; hence, an effective presence on social media can help you achieve your business goals.

A social media marketing agency that understands your goals and aligns the social media strategy, accordingly, gives you a proper roadmap and starts delivering KPIs, is the one you should go for.

7G Media has worked with multiple businesses to help promote their live and virtual events on social media. For each event, we create a custom strategy which includes everything from selecting the right social media channels to writing the persuasive content, creating attention-grabbing visuals/posts/videos, and then bringing the most relevant leads through the targeted advertising.

We are one of the few social media companies in Dubai, who work with our clients to conceptualise podcasts series, create content, streamline its production, and market it effectively to help reach the target audience.

Our social media strategy ensures all important KPIs, including the increase in likes and followers, reach, engagement, video views and more. We closely monitor the results of the content shared and advertising campaigns run on your social media channels to ensure your goals are achieved.

The best social media company is always well-researched, creates custom strategy for every brand, event or product, continuously monitors and adjusts strategies according to the changing trends, knows what content to create to help reach the audience and remains transparent with you in delivering the results.

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