Top 5 Mistakes in Social Media and How Businesses Should Resolve Them

Social media is growing at a rapid pace, not just as a virtual platform to meet, but also as an effecting marketing tool for businesses. In Dubai, companies are increasingly leveraging the power of social media platforms to strengthen their online presence and build a loyal following. While a social media company in Dubai can help you get the best results, it is important to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of doing the following mistakes which can negatively impact your marketing efforts.

1. No definite target audience

If you don’t have a clearly defined target audience, the content you produce may be too generic and monotonous to generate interest and engagement. Crafting irrelevant social media content to a vague audience can be damaging to your social media performance.

How to resolve it

  • Identify the target groups that you want to attract to create suitable and interesting posts.
    Are they parents? Businessmen? Students?
  • Research about your target audiences and their characteristics to have an in-depth
    understanding about who they are and what they like.
  • Any professional social media agency in Dubai can help you find out vital demographics to plan an effective strategy such as their location, interests, the problems that they require solutions for, social media platforms they typically use, and specific times that they are mostly online.

2. Lack of social media strategy

Many businesses make the mistake of not developing a well-planned strategy before getting started in social media. Some people think that having social media pages and posting promos and updates every now and then are enough to build a good reputation online. The truth is, not having a strategic plan of action can be a big waste of your marketing efforts.

How to resolve it

  • List down the specific goals you aim to achieve for your business.
  • Set the KPIs or metrics that will enable you to track whether your marketing strategy is effective or not, such as your number of followers, reach, and engagement.
  • Determine the best strategies to develop the right content for your audience such as identifying the content pillars and topics.
  • Decide on the right design and color palette for your posts that will strengthen your branding identity.
  • Know your budget for digital marketing if you want to run ad campaigns to promote your products and services.
  • Select a top agency providing social media services in Dubai that can develop an effective social media strategy that aligns with your business goals.

3. Posting irrelevant content

Posting irrelevant content can result to poor branding and low engagement; and worse, it can affect the reputation of your business. If you publish posts that do not spark the interest of your audience, chances are they will unfollow you. Likewise, you’re less likely to increase your chances of getting new followers.

How to resolve it

  • As a general guideline, use the 80/20 rule. This means, 80% of your content must be useful, informative, or entertaining, and only 20% must be related to promoting your brand.
  • It is essential to create engaging topics that will provide value. Engaging and timely content such as industry-related news and useful tips can effectively catch the attention of your target audience.
  • According to a study by Sprout Social, 50% of social media users prefer to see videos over other content types. Posting videos and leveraging the use of TikTok as well as reels on Instagram and Facebook should be a part of your content strategy.

4. Overuse of automated responses

Overuse of automated responses can make people feel that they are not being valued as customers. Essentially, your social media followers prefer communicating with a real person who is genuinely concern about addressing their problems. Also, there are specific queries that cannot be precisely
answered by chatbots. This can leave a negative impression and may cause customers to complain about your poor customer service.

How to resolve it

  • You have to talk to your fans on a more authentic and personal level. Consider it as a good opportunity to show your appreciation for positive feedbacks and address negative messages immediately.
  • If your team doesn’t have enough time to reply to numerous messages, then it is best to choose a dedicated agency that provides professional social media management in Dubai. A reputable agency can effectively handle your online presence through consistent communication with your online community to establish a strong relationship with your brand.

5. Not tracking the competitors

Not monitoring what the competition is doing can cause you to miss the crucial insights that you should have been using to improve your social media performance and stand out from the other brands. Learning from your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses can help you make intelligent marketing decisions to boost your brand.

How to resolve it

  • The key is to offer something better to position your brand as the best option. Track your competitors’ social media pages to know more about their strategies.
  • Identify the campaigns that created a buzz and the posts that received high engagement. Through this, you can either apply their engaging concepts to your brand and develop more creative campaigns, or you can create unique ideas that have never been done before.

If done right, social media can be one of the most effective tools that brands can use to drive business growth. 7G Media is a leading company providing professional social media content creation services that will help you utilise the right social media platforms effectively and ensure your success.