Social Media for SMEs

Trends + Tips

“Social media for SME can be tailored to deliver terrific results – for your business and within your budget.”

Regardless of industry or audience, every small business can leverage social media to engage with new customers, expand reach. and enhance growth. The right time to enter social media is right now.

For those who are already on board, what worked once does not come with any guarantee that it will generate the same great results. Social media management in Dubai is a constantly changing quest.

In both cases, social media for SMEs involves keeping abreast with the latest trends means staying on top. And working with tested methods means staying stress-free.

Paid Advertising

If only 10 out of 100 people are finding you on their newsfeeds, and you remain invisible to the rest, you are missing out on a lot more than you know. SEOs and organic reach are crowded spaces and there is greater need today for adding paid advertising to the mix or increasing your paid advertising budget. This in turn translates to more traction and higher reach. Paid ads are also more likely to lead to conversions, than those from organic advertising.

Running a small business means you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget for paid ads. Seek professional help to be smart about how and where your social media funds are used.

  • Start small. Focus on your service, product, or target audience. Assess, test and optimise regularly.
  • Use A/B testing. Trying out different platforms will help you determine whether the investment is worth it, and where it is reaching the right audience.

Video Content

Video content is arguably the most popular form of content right now, and videos will continue to dominate social media. Most big brands include them in their content strategy, and many have begun prioritising videos over images. There is no reason why start-ups and SMEs should not follow suit.

Not only is video content a novel form of storytelling and a unique way to drive brand loyalty, but it will also get you greater engagement.

  • Tweets with videos generate 10x more engagement than those without
  • Pinterest saw a 240% annual increase  of organic video pins from 2020 to 2021

With streaming features available on multiple platforms, video can be used effectively to reveal new products or services, do demonstrations, deep dive into a specific topic, broadcast an event, collaborate with influencers, or host a webinar. Likewise, video content can range from viral posts and animated clips to interviews or informational films. A well-produced and well-placed video can rack up millions of views in weeks.

Social Commerce

Social media for SME has become a virtual shopping mall, from its location in the palm of our hands. Social commerce is a subset of e-commerce where everything related to shopping happens on social media – product browsing, product discovery, click-to-purchase, and post-purchase support.

Big brands have long used social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to sell products, but many smaller companies and solo traders are doing a better job of capitalising on social commerce.

  • The ability to buy products directly via social media will soon become a norm, so get a head start and consult a reputable social media company in Dubai.

Monitoring and Management

Many SMEs ignore the need for a crisis plan and then forget the fact that most crises will play out on social platforms.  Information spreads quickly on social media, and a relatively minor issue can blow up into a crisis if you don’t monitor and manage all your social channels closely. Most social media users say an SME can win back their trust by admitting the mistake and being transparent about what they are doing to resolve the problem

The ease with which you can tap into social conversations to draw meaningful insights is another reason why social monitoring should be an integral part of every SME’s marketing strategy.

  • Doing business on social media demands constant attention and consistent communication.

If this takes too much effort or you have too little time, get experts to do it for you.

Social Audio

When text is not enough and video is too much, social audio is just perfect. Consumers expect the human element when they interact with a small business, and social audio is an inexpensive way to engage with them and develop a brand personality.

The popularity of podcasting has been increasing for the past 15 years, with a big boost in the last two. Meanwhile, large social media giants are steadily introducing new social audio options. Hosting a podcast or an audio livestream represents a great opportunity for establishing social connections.

  • Twitter caters to social audio with Voice Tweets and Twitter Spaces
  • Facebook’s new audio creation tools will allow users to create Soundbites or launch a Live Audio Room

SMEs and start-ups are often not included in some trends, but in the era of dominant digital technology it is much easier for you to get a slice of the same pie that big corporations are feasting on, without being held back by costs.

No matter the size or nature of your business, social media can help you connect with your audience, reach potential customers, and increase awareness.

If the possibilities seem overwhelming, just start small. When you find what works, expand your efforts. 

With professional guidance, social media can be a saviour.

7G Media is a trusted social media agency in Dubai that can work with you in whatever ways make the most sense and delivers best value for your business and your budget.