Translation from Dubai’s Professional Translation Agency

Art and Insight: Translation from Dubai’s Professional Translation Agency

Translation is an art form, and no one knows that better than our talented team of translators at 7G Media. Just like no real traveller relies on a dictionary or phrase book alone to get by on the streets another country, no real translator relies solely on translation tools to convey a meaningful message in another tongue. At 7G Media, we approach translation holistically. From the roots of the local culture to the print on the page, we honour the art of rich, real and accurate communication, in any language.

In the spirit of true artists, our translators have soaked themselves in the language of translation either as native speakers or as those who have spent time deeply embedded in the native culture. They view their art as a holistic process where more instruments are needed than words alone.

Subtitles: Getting the whole story

Have you ever watched a movie and relied on the subtitles but have wondered if they gave you the whole story? If 7G were on the job, you would have been guarantee that every nuance, shade and contour of the original language had been crafted into the appropriate tones in the translation. At 7G, we are the regional experts in creating subtitles. We’ve serviced television, documentary films, corporate films, radio scripts, YouTube and the movies. We translate in a wide range of languages: Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Kurdish, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu and Mandarin.

High fashion translation

The high-fashion magazine La Femme has been one of our happiest clients. Not only did we respond to their needs by translating the original content of the magazine, but we added original writing to feature Arabic designers, which satisfied the regional audience. Thanks to 7G Media, La Femme now has a loyal audience in the UAE, one that has diversified the magazine’s readership. This sort of thing can only be achieved with translators that take their art to the next step.

Trans-creation for the kids

Translating the children’s magazine, The Red Planet, we know that marketing content for children is a special skill. This magazine is distributed bi-monthly to the UAE’s leading junior schools in both Arabic and English. It has influenced students to engage in maths and science and get involved in the UAE space program. Part of the magazine’s success in both languages lies in how our translators know the language of children, which is always changing, and make it colourful and alive in both English and Arabic. That’s just one of the things we’re proud of at 7G Media.

7G Media is one among the best digital marketing agency in Dubai. If you’re looking for high-quality translation services in Dubai from artists with insight who take time to know the regional quality of translation, reach out to us.