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Red Planet

Kids Magazine

An engaging space and science magazine targeted at engaging children aged between six and 14 years old across the UAE. The magazine features an inspirational recurring story, interviews with astronauts and Emirati role models, and informative scientific infographics.



Part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre’s mission is to inspire and engage the Arab youth with STEM education and space. The magazine brief required a unique, illustrated magazine capable of igniting an interest in science among children, which would be distributed to schools across the UAE.


The Red Planet team adopts the latest in design techniques and technology to create an exciting magazine featuring simplified but rich content targeted at informing and inspiring children. The team have developed recurring characters that children identify with to carry the educational material in an accessible and fun way.

MBRSCRed Planet Kids MagazineMagazine Editorial

Origination of a Popular Kids Space Magazine

The magazine is distributed bi-monthly to the UAE’s leading junior schools, and is produced in both Arabic and English. The effect of the magazine is such that many of the UAE’s students are now actively pursuing studies in science and maths, and are fully engaged in the UAE space programme.

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