5 Creative Social Media Campaigns and Why They Worked

Social media campaigns can catapult your marketing efforts. They build brand image, boost sales, increase visitor turnout at an event, and help you connect better with your target audience.

But we’ve all been there; some strategies don’t yield the desired results. So how do you create a successful social media campaign? Well, there is no single formula. The key is to explore and experiment.

As an experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai, 7G Media has gathered and analysed the success factors of some recent social media campaigns that impressed us. Have a look.

1. Dove’s ‘Reverse Selfie’

Dove’s ‘Reverse Selfie’ campaign in 2021 was an impressive take on body positivity. The campaign included a short video that starts with a young woman posting a selfie on social media. It then rewinds to show that the picture has been drastically edited with filters before posting, and finally ends with a message stressing the need to raise self-esteem of women around us.

What made the campaign successful?

  • The campaign focussed on a relevant social cause that initiated discussions among users and amplified the brand image of Dove.
  • The short video proved hard-hitting with an appealing and engaging content with apt visuals, music, and message.
  • It boosted social media engagement by allowing users to participate by posting unedited selfies using the hashtag #NoDigitalDistortion. The campaign quickly went viral, especially on Instagram, with a lot of user-generated content.
  • The campaign also had something to offer for the target audience – a free downloadable ‘confidence kit’ compiled by experts.

2. Apple’s ‘Shot On iPhone’

Apple’s long-running ‘Shot On iPhone’ is another brilliant marketing campaign that ingeniously amalgamated traditional and digital advertising. In the campaign that began way back in 2014, Apple invites users to share their best shots taken on newest models of iPhone on Instagram or Twitter. Following review by an expert panel, a few best ones among them are selected and featured on billboards, Apple retail stores, and online.

What made the campaign successful?

  • Apple made the best use of UGC (user-generated content) contests. It gave users the freedom of creativity and an opportunity to display it.
  • Rather than listing the unique features of the product in an advertisement, Apple demonstrated it the most authentic way possible: through its users.
  • With millions of shots posted from across the world, the campaign built a loyal online community of iPhone users who worked together as indirect mouthpieces for brand building.
  • People trust people. A massive user-generated content across social media touting the quality of iPhone cameras helped increase brand credibility and drive sales.

3. #OREOscope by Oreo

When popular sandwich cookie brand Oreo launched its #OREOscope campaign on Twitter, it quickly garnered a lot of engagement and attention. It provided users their personalised ‘OREOscope,’ with insights into their personality, after analysing their recent tweets. The results were connected to one of the brand’s products like ‘dark chocolate’ or ‘strawberry’ flavoured cookies.

What made the campaign successful?

  • Personalised content is always a win on social media. People love to hear or read something on their personal traits based on quizzes, sun signs etc. Oreo leveraged this in their campaign and created high engagement.
  • The campaign was simple, unique and fun-filled, which grabbed attention. Thousands of users from around the world participated, creating much user-generated content.

4. ‘MoF Innovates 2022’ by UAE Ministry of Finance 

The UAE Ministry of Finance promoted its participation in the UAE Innovation Month 2022 through a series of social media posts. The campaign ‘MoF Innovates 2022: Journey Into The Future Of Finance’ invited the public to the event and highlighted the sessions that were being held as part of it, creating much engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It was held at Infinity des Lumières, at The Dubai Mall, in February 2022.

What made the campaign successful?

  • The campaign began with a series of teaser posts which generated curiosity among the users, hinting at an exciting event soon to be held at the venue.
  • The theme and design of the entire social media posts reflected novelty and innovation in line with the objectives of the event.
  • The campaign witnessed high engagement and the event saw a huge footfall, which is a testimony to the effectiveness of the campaign.

5. 49th Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show 

The 49th edition of the Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show used a comprehensive social media marketing campaign to drive registrations. The bi-annual event held at Expo Centre Sharjah, which showcases the latest designs and trends in watches, jewellery, gold, precious stones and diamonds, witnessed a large turnout of visitors during its March 2022 edition. 

What made the campaign successful?

  • Creative designs and simple content of the social media posts laid a strong foundation for the marketing campaign.
  • The campaign included interactive posts and quizzes related to the exhibits at the event which increased engagement and generated interest in the event.
  • Did-you-know facts and insights into about gold and diamonds industry also contributed towards increasing the reach of the campaigns among both jewellery brands and the target audience.

Social media is one of the most effective tools to connect with your target audience and drive business growth. As a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, 7G Media can guide you to make the best use of it through bespoke social media strategies.