The Best Social Media Marketing Agencies Read Minds

Okay, so we’re not mind-readers. We don’t have expertise in clairvoyance, telepathy or extra-sensory perception. Indeed, few people can know exactly what’s going on inside their own minds let alone other peoples’. That said, a good social media strategist or best social media marketing manager pays keen attention to human psychology. In another article on website development, we looked at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how social media might meet the basic human need for love, community and belonging. At 7G Media, an awareness of that psychological need to belong plays into how we strategize and manage our customers’ social media accounts.

Every human being has a need to be a part of something, to express her thoughts and be heard by others. Fundamentally, social media platforms are communities where users engage with others, express themselves and respond to content. A good social media agency recognizes that. Social media differs substantially from other media outlets in that its part of an interactive platform—it’s social. Any expert social media campaign will tap into that need to be social with finesse, intelligence and insight.

1. Mastering the art of playful exchange.

While even the craftiest of social media strategists can’t literally “read minds,” the best ones know how to tap into users’ needs for playful exchange. Unlike magazines or webpages where a company might post content and let it be, a social media campaign requires active engagement with users. If your company posts an animated video, you’ll need to have a dedicated manager to respond to users’ questions about the services the video highlights. That person will need to master the art of banter and keep communication light and fun to create a positive feedback loop with customers.

2. Express thanks.

Every exchange on social media is an opportunity to express gratitude. One way to meet a user’s need for belonging is to recognise her value. What better way to do that than to express a simple thank you? If a user comments on an informative animated video or blog post, a good social media manager might simply start off with a sincere “thank you for saying that!” You might even go deeper and notice something special about the contribution a user has articulated in the comments. All that is an easy way for potential customers to feel recognised and give them a subtle sense that they indeed belong.

3. Build anticipation.

Building anticipation lies more on the social media strategy side of things than the management side of things. But ideally, both a social media strategist and manager work together to enhance creative and active engagement between users and businesses. If you’ve got a special campaign, product or service under the wraps, social media offers an excellent way to build anticipation leading up to its release. There are many ways to do that, whether through a series of animated videos, blog posts, clever photographs and slogans or simply through excellently crafted tweets that can do wonders on their own. You’ll feed into your users’ need for belonging by including them in your journey and engaging them all along the way. Think about the appeal of trailers before a movie—sometimes they are a treat in themselves!

Why not check out our diverse social media services in Dubai and allow 7G Media – leading digital marketing agency in Dubai to craft the perfect social media campaign and engagement. If you don’t have time to manage your Twitter and Facebook, leave it the experts, who, for lack of better words, know how to read minds!