Effective Animated Video – Difference between Sale and a Slimp

A great animated video services can make the difference between a sale and a slump. Share animation on social media, use it on the landing page on your site to tell your visitors what you’re all about, and convert readers into clients in an effective and compelling manner.

What goes into an animated video that grabs the attention of the target audience, gets noticed by the users, and convinces them to take the required action?

1. Tell a Story

It may be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many marketing campaigns forget the power of a good story. Just like all brands need a convincing, compelling story behind them, an animated video won’t get off the drawing board without one. As a culture, we spend billions of dollars watching movies, television dramas and documentaries because a great story feeds our curiosity, our imagination and our longing to connect.

If you’ve got a product or a service, don’t focus on telling your audience how great you are—show them through animation, infographics and white board videos.

You might want to consider following classic story-telling formulas like the three-act play, which is used by the successful animated video production agencies across the globe:

In the first act, introduce the characters. They might be based on your ideal customers with needs, values and desires that match up with your target audience. In the second act, introduce the conflict. If you’re marketing a product, the conflict might be related to the problems your product solves. In act three, give your audience a resolution. Your program, service or product can star here as the ways the characters get through their conflict.

These steps don’t necessarily have to look like step 1, 2 and 3 in your video rather consider them three important ingredients of your video; introduce them and merge them together to tell a great story.

2. Know the Elements of a Great Script

More of the agencies providing animated video services mention that there is an obvious difference between a script and a story meant for the page. A script depends on dialogue and monologue. In your corporate or explainer video production, the characters or your narrator will speak in ways that won’t read in straight-up sentences and grammatically correct phrases all the time. A good script capitalizes on the natural rhythms of spoken language, along with all its interruptions, abrupt turns of thought and repetitions. If you’re script is going to be credible, make it as authentic to spoken language as possible. Great script writers are great listeners. They’re ears are wide open as they walk about town. They take notes on how people really speak. And they carry all into a script.

3. Pacing that Meets Your Audience

How slowly or quickly your animated video moves from A to B depend on a few things: Knowing your audience and where and how your animated video will be placed online are all important. We often think no one has time online to digest a fully-developed story, so marketers often make the mistake of going too fast. They drive the action faster than the audience has time to digest what’s happened, let alone develop any empathy for the characters involved. On the other hand, move too slowly, and the point you’re making might be lost on your viewers.

The best animated videos strike a balance. The trick is to keep up the action, make small things happen every three to five seconds, but don’t rush towards the point too quickly that the story of how we got there gets left in the dust. It takes a while to develop a point. You don’t want to confuse your viewers. If you’re not perfect at coming up with creative concepts or maintain a balance through-out the video, you should take help from a professional animated video agency to avoid your brand or marketing campaign suffer the results of vague experimenting.

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