The Best Practices of Top Social Media Companies

Create SMART social media goals:
The creation of SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based) goals is one of the long-lasting and more popular goal-setting frameworks for businesses. Setting SMART goals to which you can align your social media companies activity is a positive assurance of online marketing success. Once you have a clear set of goals, you can track your key performance indicators and metrics more accurately.

Plan ahead using a social media calendar:
It is almost impossible to maintain a busy social media schedule effectively without a calendar. A social media content calendar is a document that keeps track of all your social media posts – weekly, monthly and yearly. This valuable communications tool improves efficiency and assists with the management of post content (images & videos), post copy, hashtags, and tags to be used for each post. With the help of a calendar, marketers can also plan ahead for holidays and observance days.

Establish content strategies for each social network:
Meaningful, engaging content is at the heart of any social media strategy and can drive results. The best creative agencies produce appealing, useful and targeted market content for each brand to ensure their interactivity and community expansion. Keyword usage in social content will give you a solid foundation that helps to catch the eye of potential followers.

Use images or videos to drive greater engagement:
Sharing highly visual content on social media platforms is a great way to boost engagement. Creative images and informational videos can attract more eyes to your post. Visual elements, such as images, videos and infographics, are more interesting and appealing to social media users, as well as online customers.

Research your hashtags before you use them:
It is well worth researching hashtags before using them. Using relevant, location-based and branded hashtags keeps your readers focused on your well-written caption and also helps to reach your target audience in order to improve the engagement of your post.

Track and act on engagement data:
Social media allows you to track a wide variety of statistics but these may change depending on your overall goals. The most essential stats to track include the likes, comments, views and shares for each one of your posts. This can be done manually or you can use tools to effectively track that engagement for your businesses.

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