How to Choose the Best Video Translation Services

If you are at crossroads and want to know what the best option should be when it comes to localizing video content and your left with just two choices, either subtitles on screen or a voice-over of any dialogue or narration. Choosing the best option will depend on certain factors and your budget.
The two most popular video translation methods are:

1. Subtitles
2. dubbing

Subtitles are defined as a translation that the audience reads on screen while the foreign language, narrative or dialogue remains on the original recording.

Dubbing is where a translated version of the audio is recorded in the target language and replaces the audio on the original recording.
The cost will depend on the video translation services in Dubai you use but, off hand it can be said that subtitling is the least expensive method of video translation, out of the two. Cost is not the only factor you should base your decision on, audience, quality and professionalism should also be your main focus for a video translation.

Voice-overs obviously cost more, due to the duration, use of multiple voices and the requirement of additional voice talent to record each person involved.

Here are some of the key points you should take into account when deciding which method to opt for:

1. The type of text on screen and number of captions
2. Speak to the camera directly
3. How many narrators and how many voice-overs are needed
4. The language the video is translated to
5. The target market of the video translation
6. On-Screen Text and Captions

If the video already contains a lot of on-screen text or captions, then its best to avoid using too much subtitles and captions as it will only confuse the audience and your motive will not be achieved. A combination of a dubbing and subtitles could also work for some.

Speaking to Camera

When the person in the video is facing the camera as they speak, subtitles or a voice-over will work equally well. To get the best quality when dubbing is to lower the volume of the speaker in the background and feature the translated voice-over on the top so it acts as an interpreter. On the other hand, if you prefer the voice of the speaker in the recording, then subtitles are the best option.


Dubbing works best for narrations and animations, using subtitles are a waste of time. In these situations a voice over is the next best thing to the original and delivers the message rather succinctly.

Language Translations

Your audience, comes in nationalities and each has a distinct preference when it comes to videos. Some prefer dubbing instead of subtitles and vice versa. To make your subtitles or voice-overs, sound more professional, minimum errors and uses the best quality, you just can’t tell the difference, enlist the services of a professional translation agency in Dubai. Literacy levels are also an influential factor and using subtitles will be useless if the target country has a low rate of literacy.

With the pros and cons weight very much on your mind and you not sure about what to do, talk it through with an expert.

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