Outsource Copywriting: You Know It Makes Sense

There are hundreds of English copywriters in Dubai, all competing for full-time, salaried positions on a daily basis. But why are companies who have no business in writing, so intent on starting an in-house content writing and marketing team of their own? Surely outsource copywriting works to a proven agency would be the better solution, no?

Well, yes it would. And here’s why:

Copywriting Agencies have upped their game in the region

Whereas before the native English contingent in the UAE would not-so-silently snigger at the reputation-damaging illiteracy of some of the local papers or magazines, the game has changed in the last few years. The quality of English writing has improved so much in Dubai in such a short time, and why? Because more businesses are waking up to the fact that they need to outsource their content requirements to an agency with native English writers. It’s a question of credibility.

That said, there are still a number of businesses set on having their own department, paying a fortune in salaries and benefits to somebody who spends a large amount of their time watching videos on YouTube until the next paragraph needs writing. It makes no real business sense when a higher standard of work can be called upon and paid for, as and when required.

The Benefits of Outsourcing English Copywriting Services


An Agency is highly motivated to meet the imposed deadline. After all, failure to submit at the agreed time could result in deductions or a withheld payment. Nobody wants that, so a professional agency is extremely driven to deliver. For agencies who rely on their reputation and client base to attract new business, the client will always come first.


If you outsource copywriting, you can reasonably expect and demand content of the very highest quality. Particularly now in Dubai, where the standards are in place, and those unable to keep up have been left out in the cold. Writing great, inspiring English is an art form. It requires complete dedication and long-term commitment. This is what an established agency will bring to the table.

A New Perspective

In-house teams will always have a slightly blurred view on the content required. This is because they are, well, in-house. Sometimes, in fact all of the time, you need an external, unrelated and fresh perspective on things. An agency brings not only this, but also expertise and advice on what it is you’re trying to achieve.

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