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UAE Zero Gravity

Responsive Website

A responsive competition website written, designed and developed for the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC). This website encourages students interested in space and scientific experiments to learn more about the experience and to apply directly to participate in the UAE Zero Gravity competition.



7G was briefed to design and develop a website that provides its visitors with all the information needed about the UAE Zero Gravity competition, including the questions that must be answered to win the competition, the terms and conditions and FAQs, as well as an easy registration process.


The result is a creative, responsive website consisting of simple yet detailed information, an infographic about parabolic flight and a video. It also provided students with a quick and convenient way to register, submit their answers to the competition questions and upload the required documents.

MBRSCUAE Zero GravityWeb design & development

UAE Zero Gravity – A Competition Responsive Website

Targeted to appeal to UAE resident students aged 16 and above, the website was originated in both English and Arabic, and then creatively designed and developed within a week.

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