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The UAE Ministry of Finance, as a government entity, want to diversify its online presence, increase awareness about the MoF services and provide information about laws, policies and events to be shared with the audience. Alongside, the social media community needed to expand to reach more and more people in the Arab world and outside.


Social Media strategy was created and tone of voice was identified with the aim to increase the community and the engagement rate.  A two-way interaction was achieved by sharing high quality content with creative graphics and animated videos; the users engaged through feedbacks and polls. Engagement rate increased significantly and the social community got larger with the effective implementation of the social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy was to send across the authentic content and help the target audience connect with the ministry with ease. Infographics and videos are created to ensure that the information to be sent across is made interesting to keep the people connected.

Social media marketing
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Social media management

Content with Concepts

It was about reaching out for the Ministry of finance customers and audience, it was mostly very clear strategy about branded content to be shared, hence we gave the creatives a conceptual and exciting feel to breakout of the boredom that comes with informational material. A lot of explainer animated video were created in-house and shared on social media which grabbed the attention.

Increased Community and Engagement

As a result of an interactive and creative content shared, the engagement on the social media accounts of the UAE Ministry of Finance increased significantly and the community got larger.

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