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Innovation Campaign on Social Media

Innovation Campaign

on Social Media

Campaign planned for MBRSC to contribute to
the government’s #UAEinnovates initiative,
celebrating 2015 as the year of innovation.


The year 2015 was celebrated as the ‘Year of Innovation’ in the UAE. Both government and private sectors created initiatives to contribute to the themed year. MBRSC required a campaign to involve the young generation and encourage them towards innovation; 7G Media planned and created a concept for a social media campaign that would encourage a strong engagement rate.


7G Media conceptualised a campaign to encourage people to think innovatively, contribute towards innovation, and create awareness about innovation; creative infographics and animated videos were used. Later, an ‘Innovation Challenge’ was launched where people were asked to share a picture or video of anything innovative they have done in their life; the response was amazing.

Audience Response = Amazingly Interactive

Great number of people participated with their innovative ideas and many shared pictures and videos of their innovative projects from UAE and from across the Arab world as well, prominently Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Jordan. The campaign did manage to grab the attention and people not only shared small ideas related to their daily work/tasks but some of the people came up with great ideas for projects to be done on a larger scale. A few stats from the campaign:

Profile Visits: 19.2K
Tweet Impressions: 661K
Mentions: 1, 559

Innovation Campaign on Social Media

Animated videos to create awareness

At the start of the campaign, content was shared to spread awareness about innovation and make the point that innovation doesn’t have to be some big technological or scientific thing. Anything that helps improve the usual work and bring efficiency to the process is innovative. Creative gifs, banners and infographics were used in various social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grab the attention of youth.

Innovation Challenge

The ‘MBRSC Innovation Challenge’ was launched and promoted using animated videos, giff and creative images to highlight the importance of innovation for individuals and businesses. The campaign was aimed at convincing people that innovation doesn’t necessarily has to be scientific; if you could improve a simple process in your daily routine work, it is innovation! As a result of the campaign, people from across the Arab world shared videos and images of their innovation along with sending details of their innovations to the promoted email address. The campaign generated a lot of interaction on Facebook and Twitter, increasing the social community of MBRSC

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