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The first cook book ever published to document traditional Emirati recipes from the bygone era. The cook book has a larger aim of preserving traditional Emirati heritage, hospitality and values, passed down from the generations that went before.


To conduct in-depth research into time-honoured recipes for a variety of dishes; including drinks, desserts, Emirati bread, salads, soups, condiments, main dishes, while highlighting Emirati culture, traditional terminology and the rich tradition of hospitality. The book translation should pay homage to traditional Emirati culture.


Written in both English and Arabic, we worked hard to preserve the Emirati dialect within the Arabic writing, as we covered traditional recipes and other important aspects of Emirati culture, such as how to treat guests with generosity and grace. We also created a section for a dictionary of Emirati colloquial terms.

TDICEmarati Cook BookWriting and Translation

Sarareed cook book origination

The first of its kind cook book to promote and teach about traditional Emirati cuisine, values and hospitality. Originated in Arabic and presented beautifully on behalf of the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) of Abu Dhabi.

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