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Qasar AlSarab

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An amazing coffee table book to introduce a one of its kind Emirati tourist destination – a luxury resort in Abu Dhabi.


Creatively translate a promotional English coffee table book, which used visuals and basic text as the main tools to promote the natural beauty of the Arab desert and the resort. But Arabs are already aware of the desert environment, and so an alternative approach was required.


Our creative team stayed at the resort for two days to experience the concept, before embarking upon a ‘trans-creation’ project. Poetic yet informative Arabic text with a root in the past was used to revive memories, invoke nostalgic sentiment and create an emotional link with the resort to have a profound effect on the reader.

TDICCoffee Table BookCreative Translation

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara coffee table book translation

The book embodies the rich history, culture and tradition of the UAE, while highlighting the luxury Abu Dhabi resort, created to resemble an entrancing desert oasis. The Arabic version of the book has been well-received by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and the Anantara brand.

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