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UAE Ministry of Finance

Gift Package

Two unique gift packages produced for MoF to hand out at GITEX, the annual information technology exhibition held in Dubai.


In 2016, the UAE’s ‘Year of Reading’, the UAE Ministry of Finance required two gift packages that reflected innovation and referenced reading in some form to hand out as gifts to partners and visitors to their exhibit at GITEX, one of the most important events in the Dubai calendar, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The gifts needed to be within budget, but also representative of the MoF’s intended image.


We formulated two concepts, the first of which was a kindle in a branded MoF presentation box to pay tribute to the year of reading. The second was an MP4 player within a presentation box, each of which had a promotional MoF video pre-uploaded on it. We created the video, designed and printed the packaging, and coordinated the process of procuring the kindles and the MP4 players from overseas in a limited amount of time.

Ministry of FinanceGift PackageBranding

UAE Ministry of Finance Gift Pack

Two special packages produced for MoF, containing unique gifts to be handed to guests at the GITEX event in Dubai.

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