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Positive Notebook


An inspiring notebook for the employees of the space centre, containing a combination of English and Arabic quotes, thoughts and inspirational words that embody the essence of the centre and the objectives they are trying to achieve.


The client required a notebook that would be distributed to staff at all levels in the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre. The notebook would contain positive messages throughout its pages, written in both Arabic and English. The objective was to maintain a positive frame of mind within all employees and inspire them each day.


We designed and printed a beautiful leather-bound notebook, complete with inspirational thoughts, quotes and sayings with half in Arabic and half in English. The quotes were those sourced externally, form inspirational figures, and some originated in-house. The book was wonderfully received by the client.

MBRSCNotebook DesignBranding

MBRSC positive notebook design

A leather-bound notebook containing inspirational thoughts and quotes to inspire and create positivity in employees at the space centre.

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