7G Media provided engaging and responsive website design and development services for Dr Khaled Al Suwaidi
Website Design and Development for Dr. Khaled Al Suwaidi

Responsive Website Design and Development
Dr Khaled al Suwaidi – Emirati Marathon Runner

User-friendly and search engine optimized website, designed and developed for one of the world’s best ultramarathon athletes



The UAE’s best ultramarathon athlete, author and dynamic motivational speaker, Dr Khaled Al Suwaidi, commissioned 7G to create a modern, interactive and easy to navigate website that would allow him to share his inspiring story on a digital platform in both Arabic and English. 7G Media was tasked to create a persuasive layout, provide SEO optimized content along with creative design & development.


Research, copy origination and editing, translation, page design, animation and optimised development for Dr Khaled’s website resulted in an engaging and user friendly platform from which his followers can enjoy his amazing story and stay up to date with his latest running statistics. Fully responsive, optimised and user friendly across all platforms, the site includes live feeding capabilities to track his ultradistance runs.

Dr. Khaled al SuwaidiEmirati Marathon RunnerWeb Design & Development

Dr. Khaled al Suwaidi - Responsive Website Design and Development

Content origination, translation, design and technically advanced development of a digital platform to share the inspiring story of one of the UAE’s most dynamic health advocates.

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