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Family Development Foundation


A rebranding project for the Family Development Foundation – a foundation dedicated to preserving the values and culture of family, empowering women, and developing children.


A new brand identity was required to align the Foundation with the Family Centre and to create a synergy between the two entities. They wanted to be seen to work in harmony and to provide sanctuary, peace and well-being to those in the UAE who call upon their services.


7G Media’s design team completed numerous studies before deciding upon one of three options for the client. The first featured a heart, the second a butterfly and the third two figures almost dancing with each other. The colours chosen were turqoise and beige.

FDFBrand IdentityAdvertising

Creating an appropriate brand image

The new brand, also featuring the slogan “Choose Harmony”, ignites a feeling of peace and calm in the viewer and encourages an understanding that the foundation is there to support and to protect.

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