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Amassi Catering

Brochure Design

A sophisticated brochure design with professional content originated in English, targeted as a promotional profile of the company for prospective new clients.


The concept behind the establishment of Amassi Catering was a fusion of artistic licence and truly great food. With this concept in mind, an artistic and refined company profile brochure was required as marketing collateral for important meetings and to hand to potential clients at events and conferences.


Having met with the client, we gained a true understanding of their ideas and their vision for the catering company. We then created the content of the brochure to highlight their unique selling points, before the work was completed with beautiful and classically designed pages.

Amassi CateringBrochure DesignBranding

Amassi Catering Brochure Design

Classical, sophisticated and refined, Amassi Catering’s company profile brochure is a true reflection of the image the client hopes to portray themselves in the marketplace.

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