Translation vs Interpretation Services in Dubai and the Difference


Translation in general means communicating in a written format whereas interpretation takes on a more oral level of communication. Companies as well as government sectors such as the health industry personnel could use the facilities of interpretation to communicate well with patients of different countries. Interpretation service in Dubai are in demand and this niche area of work position interpreters at a higher level in an organization.


Businesses that require documents translated into different languages and looked over by a fine comb could consider the use of a translator; an individual who possess excellent analysing abilities, strong roots in grammar as well as impeccable writing skills. In UAE large companies or the government that require important documents such as contracts translated into another language could seek the proficiency of a company that have the expertise to render documents from one language to another. In the field of marketing translating content into a language understood by the target audience will attract potential clients and reach a wider range of people. The accuracy level of a translation service in Dubai is higher when compared to interpretation services as translators are given more time to work on a given task.

Interpretation services

On the other hand interpreters communicate orally with the clients. With the use of either a foreign language or sign language; interpretation is an on-going process that require strong research and analytical skills as well as a high mental competence level from the individual providing the service. Interpreters can be divided into two main categories, which are the consecutive interpreters and simultaneous interpreters. The former allows the speaker to talk a few sentences or a paragraph before communicating it, usually taking short notes the latter however as per the name keeps translating as the speaker talks. Consecutive interpretation is used in a one-on-one communication level. Interpretation services in Dubai are in high demand as there are target audiences in many sectors speaking diverse languages. Corporate organizations as well as the government are yielding benefits of interpretation services.


Businesses could now decide whether their business requirement falls under translation or interpretation services and seek professional expertise of a renowned translation service provider in Dubai such as 7G Media – leading digital marketing agency in Dubai that cater to the communication requirements of the businesses.