How to Engage an Audience with an Arabic Copywriting

The secret to writing great copy and engaging an audience – regardless of the language – is writing a great headline. This also goes for Arabic Copywriting, as the headline will help determine whether or not an Arabic reader continues to finish the article or abandon it from the start. We’ve come up with a few useful hints and tips for those looking to produce exciting and eye-catching Arabic copy, starting with the title:

Share a secret.
One way to really engage an Arabic reader is to make him or her feel like the article is going to share a secret with them – this is something the title should hint at. Generating a sense of curiosity around an article will encourage people to read on and make them feel like part of a selective group. This will hopefully make them want to come back and make a purchase, as well as read some more content you’ve created.

Keep it concise.
As well as sharing a secret, however, is the ability to get to the point quickly and effectively. Making sure the headline is approximately seven words or less will mean it stands out against other Arabic headlines – some of which can reach 20 words or so, which is far too many. Shorter headlines have also been proven to be more effective in generating sales and clicks.

Outline the benefits of a product.
This seems an obvious point but is one that needs to be included, as it is an essential part of good copy and good headlines. Unfortunately a number of people fail to read an article completely, with some only skimming through the content; this means content editors need to include – or at least hint at – the benefits of a product in the title. If the benefits are made obvious in the title, then they will be tempted to read on and discover more.

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