Why you need Professional Website Design and Development Services now!

Website development is an exact science, of that there’s no doubt, and the need to depend upon professional website design and development services has never been more imperative at any point since the first webpages were published back in 1991.

One of the great things about the internet is also one of the most calamitous. Anyone can now do, or attempt to do anything, regardless of their commitment, training, qualifications or talent. We see it with those that consider themselves singers or musicians, and authors who are able to self-publish on Amazon; in fact, the whole range of creative industry components that were once the reserve of the supremely talented are now open for all to have a go at, and this includes website design and development.

The problem with this though, is that the quality, as a result, has suffered. And while there are some that undoubtedly deserve a platform and an ease of access into an industry such as music, writing or development that they may not have had because of the lack of opportunities afforded them before the DIY movement began (can roughly be pinpointed to MySpace), it has made it harder for consumers and businesses to cut through the nonsense and find the quality because every market has become flooded.

Professional website design and development services

But let’s talk about professional website design and development services, and why there is no room for compromise or sympathy when it comes to this most important aspect of modern business. Anyone can start a WordPress site, figure out how to buy a domain, get a host, download a pre-developed theme, change the colours, upload a few pictures and then publish some content. Anyone. It doesn’t require any form of study, qualification or level of skill. But these kinds of websites or blogs just represent a continuous, repetitive stream of the uninteresting and mundane – not enough for a business that hopes to make its mark.

A website should be built from the ground up, specific to the demands of the business, and the needs of the end-user. It must also be made to stand out, in terms of design and development, and when the average theme for sale likely has tens, if not hundreds or thousands of websites displaying the exact same look and feel, probably offering the same services – it’s no good.

A business deserves to give itself the best possible chance of success, and a well-designed business site is key to accomplishing this. If the website fails to make the mark, the business can’t expect to tap into the huge online market that’s out there just waiting to make a purchase or enquiry.

This is what to expect from professional web design and development services, and why you need them:

Built for purpose

First and foremost, professional website designers and developers will learn the client’s business, conducting research and creating prospective designs and navigation concepts fit to meet the demands of the industry in which the client operates.

Moving around the website is a foundational piece of the design, and a failure to incorporate this and make it as simple as possible means the website is not really a website at all; more a whole load of pages sat in the infinite space of the web. Simplicity is the key to websites, which often gets lost – just like the user trying to navigate through the maze of many of the overcomplicated website maps we see put out there.

The look, the feel, the content

As we’ve touched on, the need to give an individual look to a website that stands apart, while also having an inextricable link to the brand and its values, is a priority. Simplistic themes available at the touch of a button simply won’t do anymore. A website, like a piece of art, takes time to create, to perfect, to analyse and finally to appreciate. But in addition, unlike a piece of art, a website must also compel the user to make an action, be it a purchase, an enquiry or a recommendation. This can be accomplished in a number of ways – quality of content, quality of navigation, design and development. But one of those without any of the others will not likely deliver the required results.


These days, internet usage has swiftly moved from computer to smart device, and last year (2017) 52.64% of internet visits were conducted via mobiles (according to statistics released by Statista). This has made it crucial to think about mobile or smart device optimisation, which effectively means that the template for the look of the website must be changed to suit browsing on-the-go. The idea is to allow for the same ease of use as a computer on a screen a fraction of the size. It creates challenges, but professional website design and development services are able to meet the demands of the modern consumer in this respect.

Load Times

While it’s great to have beautiful HD pictures, in reality it’s not always feasible as website loading times are a crucial component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can also result in the user leaving the site before it’s even loaded. Finding a balance between image quality and page speed takes time, testing and auditing – and should also be incorporated into ongoing website maintenance.

There is a lot to professional web design and development. Both design and development are skills that are not picked up overnight or by reading a few blogs. A committed designer or developer will remain at the very cusp of the latest technology and trends in websites to ensure their solutions offer the best value and the best chance of success.

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