Why is SEO so hard?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility for the targeted audience by placing it as high up as possible in the search rankings. Search engine algorithms are complicated and have lots of small nuances, but they are still just algorithms that behave in a calculated way and can be learned and controlled using certain methods. Techniques can be employed to increase the visibility of a website, for example the use of the correct keywords, links from other websites, or embedded videos. Local Search Engine Optimization involves making customers in a local area aware of websites that are relevant to them, but SEO in general doesn’t just target a local area; rather it targets the entire globe to get as many visitors to the website as possible and therefore increase the number of customers. We can provide best seo services in Dubai as a local service or as a global SEO.

Why is it important?

Most people use Google and other search engines to find the stores and companies or services they are looking. Search engines have become the universally accepted way to find something and therefore being the first thing to pop up means almost everyone who is looking for a certain service will see your website. This increases the number of customers significantly and costs nothing. Paying for advertising is expensive, but this is ‘natural’ advertising where you promote your visibility through smart design and keyword choices. This means you get a load of visitors with good Search Engine Optimization and you don’t need to pay for the ads to gain visibility; other than the cost of hiring a much-needed SEO Company in Dubai.

Why it’s tough to do well?

SEO is complicated. Lots of factors requires lots of knowledge and practice that essentially requires you to becoming an expert to do it effectively. SEO is one of those limitless talents that you can always improve upon to make your SEO better. It isn’t a set of rigid steps; every single situation and website needs different ways to handle it and improve its ranking. That means the person doing the SEO needs a grasp of the process in its entirety.

The other challenge in SEO is the fact that you need to understand people. You need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of a customer and imagine what they would think and type when searching for something. If you are very knowledgeable about the company, it is difficult to disconnect yourself from your knowledge so that you can properly view it from their perspective and have an accurate view of what they would search. Becoming an expert in this field requires a lot of time investment which most people don’t have, so SEO is almost always outsourced to a specialist. The importance of SEO creates extra pressure on ensuring that it is well optimized and accurate because if it isn’t that could cost a fortune for the company and waste a large number of potential customers. It isn’t something that most companies will risk doing trial and error with, trying to figure out how it works themselves.

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