What’s with Whiteboards?

We’ve all seen them. Those fun animated videos with a black marker dancing over a white surface unfolding a great story as a careful voice-over carries us along. Characters come to life before our eyes. It almost feels like we’re part of the creation. As viewers, we feel like children sitting with a favourite teacher or apprentices hanging over the shoulder of an animator at his studio.

A thousand benefits for your brand lie in those crafty animated whiteboard videos. Less cost lies in video production. They merge professional quality audio with real-time illustrations. Plus, science has now chimed in to tell us that whiteboards have been proven to increase memory retention.
The doubling up of a single voice-narration and a hand clearly articulating those words in simple illustrations apparently have a lasting effect in the mind. The simple cartoon drawings hold viewers’ attention longer too, which is a win for brands who want to get their message across, whatever channel they’re using.

As Neuroscientist and PhD Carla Clark explains, “The simpler the object is, the less effort the brain needs to process and relate to the image.” With all that brain space freed up, it’s easier for viewers to hear the message of an effective white board animation. Viewers minds wander less. The vivid visual progression moves at a pace that perfectly balances the actions within the plot and the curve of the story towards a point.

Plus, animated whiteboards allow you to unveil your brand’s message or a company’s instructions step-by-step. That builds up anticipation and feeds the mind with dopamine, which keeps viewers hooked to the end.

If you’ve got an international audience, which most of us do nowadays, whiteboards don’t discriminate by location or culture. Animated figures on a whiteboard have no skin colour, so a wider audience can more readily relate to them. They appeal to young and old, native speakers and non-native speakers.

So now that you know why animated whiteboards work, what can you do with them? Or what can they do for you?

1. Use them when you want viewers to remember critical information.

Do you want your viewers to remember that your company has an irresistible guarantee? Does your organization have state-of-the-art technology unlike your competitor? Does your value proposition deliver things that no other brand can? Can your service change lives?

If animated whiteboards stay longer in the mind, use them to convey that key stuff you want to linger in your customers’ minds.

2. Use them to appeal to busy people.

Who isn’t busy these days? If you’re marketing to executives or just plain anyone, you want to get your message across sooner rather than later. It’s easier to watch a simple, clear instructional video than read hefty amounts of text. One of the benefits of animated whiteboard videos is they easily repurpose text-based content into a compelling animation. Why not repurpose a 15-page white paper, (yawn), into a three-minute whiteboard animation?

3. Reach a wider audience.

We already mentioned how animated whiteboards more easily cross international borders. If you want a global audience for your business, it’s easy to put an animated whiteboard video up on YouTube and draw viewers your way. If you’re marketing in English, non-native speakers can easily understand and digest the simple graphics and voice-over of animated whiteboard videos.

Those are just some of things animated whiteboards can do. Reach out to 7G Media – leading digital marketing agency in Dubai to learn more. We customize whiteboard animation and create forward-thinking engaging material that has great sharing potential.

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