Bold and clean; the Modern way to Design a Website

Bold and clean website design is extremely effective in modern society. The fast pace of life, combined with the millions of websites competing for an audience’s attention means that designs need to be striking and convincing, yet easily digestible and understandable.

What is a Bold and Clean Design?

A bold and clean website design has some key features that include a simple colour scheme, negative space to give each image/word its own area and let the eye focus on it, as well as an easy-to-read bold font which makes it stand out. It should only contain a few or a single image that allows the viewer one key thing to focus on. This helps with attracting the viewer’s attention, and as little text should be used as possible; anything written should be extremely important. A lot of websites use bold white text with an image as a background, but it isn’t necessary for a bold and clean design; it’s just a common approach that has been used for quite some time. You can be more creative with it, using different text colours, text within the image itself or animation.

Here are five examples of websites with a bold and clean design; some stick to a standard simplistic design, while others experiment or try something interesting like using animation.

Websites for restaurants sometimes try to describe their food, their menu or tell you about

how classy they are. Do you know what is a million times more effective? Showing people an image of your food. Something that looks so good it makes them salivate, taking up the entire screen. If you get them hungry and craving for your food, they will go through your website to find information like your location, which is presented to them quite straightforwardly through the “find a cau” button. Elegant and effective designs like this could be created using our WordPress web design services in Dubai.

The black and green colour scheme, symbolic of the Spotify’s design, gives off a cool and young vibe. With a large green button that is tempting you to click, Spotify makes its goal clear: they want you to download their app. The picture used in the background of their website constantly changes, showing young people mostly. They want you to associate Spotify with youth, activities and freedom.

A simple Maroon and blue color scheme that was carefully designed to follow their colour scheme, while being a reminder of the function of Dropbox. The extremely simple and clean design lets you focus on each individual button and what it does. This means that even though there are multiple things you can do on this page, each one stands out and becomes instantly obvious.

The elegance of the squarespace homepage is hard to capture in a screenshot due to the animation that smoothly changes the image as well as the tagline, which interchanges between “Make it loud”, “Make it tasteful”, “Make it beautiful”, and many more. This concept is meant to show that you can create whatever design you want and target it towards whatever idea or market. This blending of multiple designs, conveyed with simple one key image and a large tagline to focus on with the smooth transitions makes it an amazing homepage; you wouldn’t expect anything less from a website designer.

This website immediately shoves the watch down your throat! It is placed in the middle of the screen on purpose as it is the central image of the home page and it’s what they want you to see. The clean and bold font surrounding it with the simple black and white is easy to read and digest, but they don’t grab your attention, they don’t distract you from the central image: the watch; which is where they want your entire focus to go.

Why is it so effective?

Bold and clean is easier to view, grabs attention and displays the important information as only a little time is required to captivate your audience. It is one of the most effective kinds of design in our modern fast-paced era. A website development agency can recreate this design for you and make it look professional. There are lots and lots of websites on the internet nowadays, so a bold design is almost necessary to stand out from the rest. When you use a clean design with short, concise yet creative content, it makes it easier for the users to remember the website and has a higher chance to accurately recall the information or what the brand stands for.

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