Maximizing Engagement: How Can I Keep Readers on My website?

These days, anyone who’s anyone has a website. But not just any anyone’s website stands out amidst the noise. But, website should get maximum engagement.

And there’s a lot of noise out there.

Opt-ins here. Free offers there. Downloadable e-books, cool products and slick images abound.

Bells and whistles permeate the web. Sure, some whistles might ring in a few clients. Some bells might whet some appetites. The right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can pull in a few new eyes to your landing page and gets more engagement. And a terrific video clip might keep those eyes fixed long enough to read your byline.

But according to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, 55% of mobile website readers engage on most websites for 15 seconds or less. SEO may get them in the door, but keywords alone don’t keep them there. The right attention grabbing headlines will give your readers’ a pause. But as the adage goes: you can lead readers to your site, but you can’t make them drink.

So, what keeps potential clients on your website? How do you get readers to trust you? What makes conversion happen? How to maximize engagement? Is it a perfect website design and development service can get you through?

If you invite readers to sign up for your product or click for a sale, you need to do more than get them to land on the website. If there’s a program you’re delivering, a product you’re promoting or anything else on offer, how do you engage them and convert that to action or sales?

Unfortunately, no single template of a perfect website design and development exists to answer all your website engagement problems.

Some tips hold true: be consistent with your brand, your visual cues and layout; create value proposition (or a promise to be delivered).

But if you’re ticking all those boxes and you’re still not getting anywhere, what’s left?

Maybe you need to ask some tough questions. Am I communicating in a generic way? Am I out of tune with my reader’s needs? Am I just copying someone else’s approach?

A good site doesn’t just dress up in the latest fashion and hope for the best. Sure, on any first date, an unkempt appearance might be a deal breaker just like a tailored jacket might make a great first impression. But a new outfit alone can’t convince someone to spend time with you in the long term. Likewise, in website design, the right font and logo alone won’t win your clients’ hearts.

Your story, and just as importantly—the way you communicate it with your readers—must shine through every design decision. Every feature, every photograph, every category on your site offers an opportunity to bridge a bond between your brand and your niche market.

Like any human being, readers long for relevance, distinctiveness and authenticity. In the age of fake news when we’re never sure if the photo we see online links up to a real person, readers have grown hungry for trustworthiness. Like most human beings, they long to feel connected—to the humanness, the empathy, and the rapport in web communication.

Good web design begins not with a generic template but with a human story. If your web designer has a firm understanding of a brand’s story and knows how to get that across with the target reader in mind, design flows naturally.

Great graphics, easy navigation, and lucid prose are all keys to the door, but they only get you so far in. What lies inside it all is your story and your power to connect.

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