Do Arabic Website Content Writing Services Matter?

The number of internet users in the Arab World looks set to reach 500 million by 2015, but right now there is not a great deal for them to look at. A staggering 3% of all content is available in Arabic on the predominantly English-dominated world wide web, but as one of the fastest growing audiences in the online sector, companies are rushing to get website content writing services in both English and Arabic.

According to a report published earlier this year, only 1 in 4 of the top 100 global brands currently offer an Arabic version of their website, and only 1 in 20 of the Fortune 500 companies. The lack of Arabic content is something that is being addressed by governments across MENA, working together with a number of large privately owned companies. Google has also made strides in the Middle East to promote Arabic content with a variety of targeted initiatives across the region, but it is enough? From a business perspective, how many companies are losing out on the 450 million strong market because they have failed to cater for them? The answer is still too many.

When it comes to social media on the other hand, Arabic has overtaken English as the most visible language across multiple channels and as such, bearing in mind the global influence Facebook, Twitter and Google + currently enjoy, it can’t be long before every global entity with any ambition to break into the MENA region offers Arabic content.

Importance of website content writing

It’s not for the lack of Arabic website content writing services. This particular sector has seen growth in MENA of over 35% in 2014, a trend that looks set to continue. So while the wider world may be slow to catch on, companies within the region are already there.

One such company is Dubai-based high-end hotelier chain, Hospitality Management Holdings (HMH). They recently launched an Arabic version of their website to allow interaction with Arabs across the region, and have seen huge traffic flow as people are encouraged to use their portal in order to book a stay in one of their prestigious hotels.

7G Media provides Arabic website content writing services across MENA to meet the demands of the growing appetite for this invaluable sector. By creating effective copy, we have helped Arabic and global brands reach a largely untapped demographic, with excellent results.

As the Arabic web content percentage steadily increases, demand in this service is also increasing as companies take steps to ensure they are not beaten to the punch by their rivals.