How to Get the Best Results with Website Content Writing

Whether you are outsourcing website content writing services, or you plan to write your content yourself, you need to first consider why you even have a website. What is it for? What’s the actual purpose? Once you have identified this, you will know more about what your content should be.

Your business website is usually created to achieve one of the following things:

  • Generate revenue via selling your products online.
  • Provide information about your services in the hope of generating a lead via an online enquiry.
  • Convince the user to download a guide or brochure, leaving their details along the way and becoming a lead.
  • Provide enough information for someone to physically pick up the phone and call you.

The nature of the service or the product you are providing will dictate the style of your writing. For example, technical services would suit a professional and formal approach, whereas a theme park or toy site must be far more casual and fun, in terms of style.

Grazing & Scanning

Grazing became mainstream with the invention of the iPod. Users no longer listened to an artist’s entire album, enjoying the track listing as it was intended. They instead would skip straight to the track they wanted, often not even knowing what the song was called, just knowing it as “Track six”. Or they would simply put their MP3 player on random and skip anything that they didn’t particularly fancy.

The same goes with website content. Users don’t read content, they scan it. A website is not read in the same way as print media, internet users are an impatient breed. If they can’t find what they are looking for within the generalised “10-second attention span”, chances are, they are going to look elsewhere.

This means you must be much more direct and to the point, you must use short sentences and small paragraphs, and plenty of headings and subheadings. All these factors will help users to scan your content quickly, and lead them to what they want before they lose interest.

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