Website Content 101: How to Get the Best Results

Today, a website takes on a multitude of tasks that were previously handled by different employees. A website is now your information desk, your reception, and your sales and marketing team. It helps to network, and is your local platform to a global market. For this reason, the content on your website should display vital information effectively in an easy and convenient platform.

Search engines that direct interested and potential customers to your website, have algorithms that verify original content before indexing your site on its register. Therefore, content on your website should be original. Of course, writing original content is highly time consuming and in many instances company websites remain incomplete, leaving a bad first impression on interested visitors.

Writing content for websites, blogs and articles are quite different from writing for any other form of written publication, as web content has two main focuses: one is to pull users on to your website, and the second is to inform. Both tasks are intelligently intertwined into each written article.

Website content usually has two or three keywords encrypted into the body of the text that links your website with your customer’s keyword searches on Google. This is what brings visitors to your site.

For example, if you were looking for a supplier for reheatable plastic containers to package a frozen food item in Dubai; you would most likely type “reheatable plastic containers Dubai” or “Dubai Plastic containers”, both of which are grammatically incorrect but must be placed within the body of the content to make your site visible to your target market. Website content writing services need skilled and specialised writers who can identify hundreds of search terms and incorporate them into original text about your company or product.

Using search terms is one aspect, but the more obvious task at hand is to write original, informative and convincing content that describes your organisation professionally to your visitor. The writing styles may vary depending on the nature of your business, but when writing for websites, content needs to be comprehensive but short and simple. Visitors to a website aren’t looking for long stories, nor are they interested in reading never-ending descriptions of your company. Your visitors are merely interested in learning about your company briefly, what it has to offer and most obviously about the service they are interested in.

Content should build trust amongst your readers, inciting credibility and professionalism towards your company. Copywriting services in Dubai for websites is a specialised area of expertise and 7G Media Consultancies offers copywriting in English and Arabic and article writing Dubai services. Our writers are trained professionals in the field whose copy delivers proven results for our elite list of global clients.