How two words can have a similar meaning in different languages yet have very different effects.

Words have emotions, ideas and images associated with them that might not make sense to a non-native speaker. Each word can be packed with associations a reader will make based on that choice of word and that is why in translation work every word in languages needs to be carefully picked and crafted to match the demographic, tone and themes of a piece of work. This is especially true when brands try to convey an image or a specific message in a multicultural society such as that in the UAE. The tone of the message in a foreign language could potentially be completely opposite to the attempted meaning. Choosing a professional translation service like that provided by 7G Media – best digital marketing agency in Dubai, ensures that this issue is overcome.

Formal and informal language

While two words can mean exactly the same thing in two different languages the impression they give to the reader can be very different. A common example and one that’s quite obviously in need of correction as anyone who has learned French for a while is the use of vous/tu; both of which mean ‘you’ but with one being a lot more formal than the other. This is an easy mistake to make but it’s also easy to fix. The issue comes from languages not having the same tools, structures and words as others, causing the originally intended meaning to become distorted. Having a professional translation agency in Dubai translate for you and will ensure the meaning isn’t distorted.

Associations based on events

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. The ‘I have a dream’ speech has an associated historical context for American people. Martin Luther King’s speech moved the entire nation but if you were to translate it directly, much of the connection and feeling would be lost in translation.

Certain words can also be associated with negative events from the past, and there are even English that when translated are strongly associated with racism, despite being wholly innocent in other languages.

Every translation is an interpretation

Every translation is an interpretation of the original piece of work by the translator and therefore requires a good understanding of the whatever is being translated into the language and the text itself. An Arabic translation services in Dubai will allow for a good understanding of the work that needs translating. Interpretation always brings the views and ideas of the interpreter into the work but a good translator needs to make sure to take the ideas and opinions of the original writer and try to represent them as best as they can.