Press Release Translation – Why It’s A Smart Marketing Move

When it comes to press releases translation, no matter what the content is, it always makes sense to get it translated by a professional agency. By translating a press release, the reach of the message can expand exponentially and impact international companies and individuals with a potentially global influence.

It is now incredibly easy for businesses to contact potential customers or business associates on the other side of the world – and this means they need to be able to communicate with them effectively. By translating press releases into a number of different languages, a business will be able to grow brand recognition – just be sure to choose the most relevant languages and markets to maximise business growth.

Whether the press release is about a new product, an event or information on a new high-profile employee, getting it translated professionally is a must. There are a number of press release translation services available, however investing in the best is worth the extra effort, as it means the end product is of the highest quality and potential clients will appreciate this.

It is preferable to hire someone who is a native speaker of the chosen language and knows all the terminology, as some technological phrases can be difficult to get right in a different language.

Along with this, however, it is important to note which parts of a press release do not require translation. Things like company names, website addresses and trademarked product names may not need to be changed and are probably more recognisable if left in their original format.

In fact, companies have the option to hand over their own draft version of a translated press release to their chosen translation services provider, in which things that do not need to be changed are highlighted and made obvious.

This will save time and effort when it comes to the final draft of the translated press release – by pinpointing what needs to be done from the start, the number of corrections and drafts will be kept to a minimum.

Finally, by also offering the translator previously translated press releases from the company, they will become familiar with the company’s tone and specific terms or phrases that are unique to the business.

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