7 Tips To Create Impactful Short Videos on Social Media

Short videos on social media aren’t losing momentum anytime soon. People spend hours watching them on various platforms, especially Tiktok and Instagram. With high retention rates and engagement, these videos influence audience behaviour to a great extent, including their association with brands, products, and content makers.

The question is, amid millions of videos being uploaded on social media every day, how will you ensure that yours stands out? Let’s touch upon a few useful tips that can help you create impactful short videos that resonate with your audience.

Create spontaneous videos featuring people

Spontaneous videos on social media instantly capture the viewers’ attention and generate curiosity. They influence and encourage the audience to stay connected with the brand. So, how do you capture a spontaneous moment? This requires a little bit of preparation. You need to hone your observational skills too. At an event or a place from where you intend to collect the footage, reach in advance, and observe people. Anticipate their expressions and reactions. For example, the sudden reaction of a child to a quick question from his teacher, or the reaction of a young fan as a celebrity enters the stage.

Give a unique intro

It will not take the viewer more than a second to decide whether to watch the entire video or not. Make the opening words and visuals catchy and inquisitive. Ask a vague question like “what would happen if the entire world shut out for 5 minutes”, or begin with the highlight of the video itself, like the joy of a winner receiving an award, and then narrate with his story.

Visual and audio elements that complement each other

Short videos on social media with music or voice-overs create a bigger impact that the ones with not. Music, sound, and an apt modulation of voice-overs can give the right emotional tone for your video, be it joyful, passionate, heart-breaking, technical, historical, informative, or something else. It connects better and influences the viewers.

Add something that will remind the viewer of you

You can add a specific element repeatedly in all your videos that will remind the viewer of you while watching them. It can be a specific audio track, a word or a phrase, an innovative visual template, a specific transition pattern between scenes, or the method of filming. Such elements increase audience retention.

Avoid excessive use of visual techniques

Including a lot of animation and graphics doesn’t mean that your video will be a hit. Short social media videos have simple content that is pleasing to the viewer’s eye, mind, and his daily routine. Too much of visual elements can make your video loud and exhausting.

Arrange your ideas well

We agree that you may not always be able to tell your story in one minute. But you can plan and arrange the highlights of the story to create and impactful short video. Efficiently edited visuals can make an impactful short video that can either tell the whole story or generate curiosity and interest in the viewer to watch the entire video after watching the 1-minute highlight.

Use hashtags related to your topic

Many of us ignore the great impact that hashtags can make. Using hashtags related to the topic of your short video will make it more popular and accessible to the audience who are interested and search for information related to the topic.

Amid a large number of social media video content creators on the internet, being unique with consistently creative and attention-grabbing content helps you stand out from the crowd, gain more social media followers, and establish you as a successful social media influencer.

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