This Is Why Your Website Needs A Revamp

Take a look at the latest in web design and development right now

So, you launched your business in 2013 and went live with a great-looking website the same day. Tell me, are you still wearing the same wardrobe to visit clients these days? Well, perhaps a favourite jacket, but everything else is pretty fresh, right? And yet, there have been far more dramatic website developments in the last five years than there have been in the world of fashion!

It’s no longer good enough to have a fairly representative website simply floating in cyberspace. Today’s user expectations are seriously sophisticated. They have been offered multidimensional, intuitive internet marketing and they like it! It really pays organisations to offer digital experiences that are engaging, a pleasure to navigate and easily accessible on multiple platforms.

There are at least three solid reasons why you should wait no longer to update your website:

  • It’s not mobile friendly (smartphone traffic far outpaces desktop now)
  • It’s too slow (many users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load)
  • Your business has evolved or brand focus has changed (so your site is outdated and no longer ranks well in search engines)

Do any of the above ring true about your current online home? Then it’s time to clear the decks and build a website you and your customers can get excited about. Some technological advances are obvious and should be a non-negotiable from your web developer – like full responsiveness so that the site works well on any digital device, especially mobile. Lately, 7G Media has also been including bold new trends to optimise the success of our clients’ website design and development projects. Here are our top recommendations:

Integrate Social Media

Your website blog or news section should be coupled with social sharing apps. These are often free of charge for the basic add-on and, if properly integrated with a fully responsive website, can significantly boost the traffic to your site. Once there, visitors may be attracted to other articles and your service information pages. Boom! You’ve established the groundwork for a new relationship, hopefully resulting in sales or contact sign-ups. Once a website is properly integrated, sharing content from your site is easy. Just a click or two and your site can create posts for you to share with any of your active social media sites – saving you valuable time and resources.

Track your Traffic

You may be amazed by how much you can learn about your market from statistic monitors like Google analytics… it could even lead to a shift in your entire business focus. Google analytics is pure gold for marketers – and entirely free! Once installed with a unique tracking code on the back end of a website, it provides the owner with access to masses of vital data about visitors, including their geographic locations and which pages are most viewed. By tracking and assessing this information, agile companies can form insights into shifting market trends and then adjust their strategies to make the most of new opportunities.

E-Commercialise your Website

Online shopping is thriving. It makes perfect sense to make your website work harder for you by converting it into a shopping trolley, whether for retail purchases or service appointments. In comparison to the costs involved in outfitting a physical store or office space, establishing ecommerce functionality on your website is negligible and will open your doors to millions of online shoppers.

Include Progressive Web Apps

Mobile is comfortable, it’s quick and it’s increasingly familiar. Online users appreciate the same experience with website pages, so progressive web applications are used to emulate the functionality and design, the look and feel, of mobile. They tend to work reliably, regardless of network conditions, and their interactivity tends to increase engagement and significantly improve conversions.

True Mobile Responsiveness

It’s not enough for your website to be simply accessible on a mobile phone. It really should be designed with mobile in mind from the start. The images and text should look good on a small screen – and every corner of your website should be within easy reach of a single-handed thumb swipe. It’s the way that most humans hold their phones and engage with content online.

Sense Pleasing Design

Material Design (also called Quantum Paper) is an android design language developed by Google. It adds motion and 3D depth to websites for a really great user experience that doesn’t mess with the basic functionality. The days of flat, static web pages are over. Hello, moving images, 360-degree video and powerful brand stories!

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems, like chatbots that interact with human users via text conversations on a website, deliver one-on-one 24/7 responses that clinch sales and boost engagement and loyalty. Incorporating AI technology adds a whole new dimension to your website. Developers are likely to achieve these additions through more extensive use of the advances in JavaScript, a popular programming language used to make web pages interactive.

As you can see, exciting technology is available to build better digital products that can dramatically transform your brand’s online presence. Don’t settle for less. Take a look at some of 7G Media’s inspiring and industry-leading website developments in our portfolio.

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