The copywriter’s dilemma: Should you write for people or search engines?

Copywriting is the backbone of digital marketing. It connects with the audience, grabs attention, and drives sales. And with the rise of the digital economy, search engine rankings have also become crucial. Here comes the copywriter’s dilemma: who should you write for? The people, or the web crawlers?

Let’s get straight to the point. Your content will fail if you write exclusively for the crawlers! Why? Because the aim of these web crawlers and bots is to deliver results that the people are looking for.

Insights from leading companies who offer professional copywriting services in Dubai show that even while you focus on adding keywords and use other SEO tips and tricks to achieve higher search engine rankings, you need to keep your target audience and their preferences in mind while writing. Your audience is not influenced by what the bots think. It is the search engine algorithms which are designed to learn and comprehend what people are looking for and deliver results accordingly. And guess what? They ARE learning!

Popular search engines including Google understand quality content than ever before. They are constantly reviewing and upgrading their ranking factors to improve their algorithms and offer exactly what the people are looking for. They are not looking for content that is completely customised around their algorithms. If it is value-driven and relevant for the audience, you will get a higher ranking. The success of a search engine pivots on its search accuracy.

Now, does this mean that search engine optimisation and including keywords in your copy are not relevant at all? Certainly not! The importance of SEO is growing in the modern world where everything you need is just a mouse-click away.

Copywriting has a significant role to play in driving sales for a brand or a company. As digitalization penetrates every aspect of lives, people turn to the web for everything from finding out the best restaurants nearby, seeking information about a government service, and finding reviews about a product, to getting comparisons on the quality of similar products from two competitors. And there are billions of searches made every day.

So, while writing for a brand or a company, best copywriting agencies not only create content that captures the audience’s attention and persuades them, but also ensure that it has a higher ranking and visibility on the search engine. And this is where keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO) come to play.

Benefits of SEO Copywriting

Now, let’s address the copywriter’s dilemma. The writer needs to write for the target audience, while incorporating SEO principles so that the content ranks higher on the search engines and remain accessible to the audience. Understand what the audience is looking for and draft your copy according to their preferences. They need to be able to read, comprehend, and of course, find it in their search results.

Take a look at a few fundamental points to be considered that will make your copy appealing to both the people and the search engines:

Original content: Plagiarism raises a red flag. It deters both the target audience and the search engine. The copy needs to be original and authentic. Duplicating or rephrasing is a strict no-no.

Keyword intent: Targeting “how to make coffee”as a keyword in a copy that talks about “impact of coffee on brain health” will not necessarily fetch you higher rankings. Relevance and intent are important.

No beating around the bush: Skip that long intro. Include the main information and the relevant keyword in the first paragraph of your copy.

No keyword stuffing: Again, you are not writing to appease only the bot. Consider your target audience and their readability, just as the search engines would.

Captivating headline: Persuade the reader to stay on the page with a catchy headline. Play with words that create curiosity and clarity. Offer relevant information.

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