Tips to Be Successful English and Arabic Copywriters

Because industries are cluttered with competitors, clients look for unique campaigns from the agency they work with. However, the biggest struggle is to take their message across and convince customers to use a particular product or service. As advertising agencies get pressured by the constant demand for quality content, the need for effective copywriting services and professional copywriters continue to grow.

Here are a few effective tips to make sure that copywriters stay competitive in this challenging career.

Do your research.

Copywriting is not about listening to a brief and creating content. What you write needs to make an impression and your task is to deliver a strong message across to the reader. You can never have too much information because the more details you have, the easier it is for you to play around with words. Being a good researcher will help you a lot to be successful in your role as a copywriter.

Tell the truth but make truth fascinating.

You know, you can’t bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it. – David Ogilvy. Make your content fascinating; even if you are talking about the most uninteresting product in the world, use your words to make it sound interesting.

Write a killer headline, all the time.

Spend some extra energy on the headline, save it till the end so that you can pull out the strongest words or phrases from the copy to use for the heading. The trick is to grab the attention or interest of the reader through the heading and then you can elaborate on the specific details through the body copy.

Be up to date.

Whether you are looking for an English or Arabic copywriters in Dubai, make sure you are up-to-date with the latest terminologies and words in the language you work on. For example, words such as “selfie” did not exist ten years ago, so make sure you stay updated.

Avoid being a clever wordsmith.

You may have the coolest sounding phrase but if you are not actually ‘selling’ your product, then the purpose is lost. Copywriters need to think from a marketing perspective, therefore be sure not to create content that is discriminating to anyone. Make sure your message is clear and concise because customers react better to content that feels real.

Start with a concept and have a purpose behind everything your write.

Having a library full of content will not take your business anywhere. You need to plan out each and every piece so that when it’s all put together you get a kick-ass campaign.

When you ask questions in your content, make sure the answer is always ‘yes’. If you have them reading the question and nodding in agreement, then you have done your job right!