The Secret Behind Successful SEO Copywriting

Quality SEO copywriting services in Dubai continue to be at the centre of maintaining an effective online presence. But as the algorithms develop, the way businesses and their so-called SEO experts achieve the rankings they so desire, will continue to become pretty far-removed from the good old days.

Keyword stuffing and other frankly outdated techniques have most certainly been consigned to the recycle bin now. Google is rather keen these days on high quality, relevant articles, and content which is updated regularly.

Keyword Counter

Of course, throwing in some well-placed keywords can’t ever hurt, but context is now everything. It’s probably best to get yourself an article writer who can piece together sentences and work in the odd keyword here and there for you, if SEO is something you are keen on.

Keywords should appear within headings and subheadings, as much as possible; however, the focus must also be on the collective meaning of phrases. Individual keywords are no longer the integral inclusion. Search engines will also focus on the collective meaning of words when used in the same sentence. By identifying the meanings of words when phrased together, the search engine learns whether the content is cohesive and has any meaning.

Social Media

Social Media remains the old faithful partner to SEO. Remember that Google and its rivals are placing emphasis on new fresh content? Well what better channels to share and distribute this content than through your social media accounts? The more followers you have, the more search engines think you have credibility, and thus your ranking will be enhanced.

Mobile Optimised

If you haven’t already had your website optimised for mobile use, why? Part of Google’s ranking system relies on each web page being mobile-optimised as most users go online on their smart devices.  Get your site optimised or fall out of the rankings.

Finally, and most importantly, there should be no page duplication or content which repeats itself. This should always have been obvious to anyone hoping to gain business from a website. No user experience will ever be enhanced by reading or seeing the same thing over and over again, however it still happens. Now that search engines value user experience more than anything else when compiling rankings, you simply must make sure your site is streamlined, that each page loads quickly, and that it adds value to those who visit it.

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